Custom Crochet

I am sometimes able to take custom orders. Let me know what you want, and I will let you know the costs. I usually have a fast turn around, but I do have a job and family. Before I start your order I will be able to tell you an estimated time I will need to finish your project.

Email me for order inquiries. 

Patterns for Sale

At the moment I only have 2 patterns for sale, but I do hope to be expanding that soon.

These can be  found year round in my Raverly Shop: Cute & Crazy Crafts


I have just recently started an ebay profile. This is brand new, and so far no sales, so please do not think badly of the 0 feedback.

Right now I am selling things I have extra from couponing, but I am not sure what all I will end up selling. I do have some clothing that I am thinking about selling too.

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