Monday, July 14, 2014

My Newest Crochet

I have been crocheting more! My hands often hurt and I have arthritis in them. Crochet has become a therapy to keep my hands working right.

So recently I have made some reusable duster covers and sweeper covers! I thinking of selling these, but I am really not sure what the best platform for that is.

I am thinking of listing this exact set on Ebay.

 I like these summer colors so much, I used them to make myself a Coupon Clutch.

This was the first attempt at making something like this, but I am going to work on it some more. I even made the paper dividers. I think I am gonna work on this some more. If you are interested in one of these feel free to send me a message on Facebook!

I am going to be adding a button to keep it closed, and my daughter suggested I add straps to make it like a purse. That will make it easier to carry when I am carrying all those bags from my extreme couponing! 

It even has a little pocket to hold my money!

I have all of my coupons nicely organized so that I can easily use them.

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