Thursday, July 10, 2014

Homemade House Cleaners

I do not use a lot of household cleaners really. I find the harsh perfumes overwhelming and often they give me headaches.

I have always used Pine-sol (it keeps the bugs away) and dish soap to clean my house. When my kids were younger and made bigger messes I would add orange oil based cleaners to my list. Mostly I use good old fashion elbow grease.

Reading through other blogs I see that making your own cleaners has became more and more popular. So I thought maybe I will try it. It might even make my life easier.

I have learned that with some baking soda and white vinegar you can clean almost anything! Throw in a few other things and you have the base for any cleaner needed!

These are the recipes I have  made and actually tried so far:

Fabric Softener

1c Hair Conditioner
1 1/2c White Vinegar
3 cups Hot water 

You can add some scented essential oil to this as well if you want. I chose not to, and I find that the scent from the conditioner is so subtle you don't really notice it. I poured it into a couple of old fabric softener bottles. This is very thick and I love it! You do need to shake it up every time you use it. Thanks to couponing it cost me $1.50 to make 2 bottles worth!

I decided that I like this more than the stuff we buy. Use less than the store bought stuff, and add warm to make it thin enough to use.

Carpet Powder

1c Baking Soda
1/3c dried used coffee grounds
10-20 drops of scented oil
1Tbs Vanilla extract

Coffee grounds was my daughter's idea. Coffee is a smell neutralizer, and overall a useful thing. I really did not measure the coffee grounds. I took what was in the coffee maker and spread it out on a cookie sheet and baked it at 400 degrees until the grounds were dry. We mixed Mexican Vanilla into the baking soda in a large clean coffee container. I used a fork to brake it all up and then putt the lid on it and shook until everything was evenly mixed. The final results smelled like a creamy coffee drink. We put it into a shaker and sprinkled it on the carpet. Let the mix set for 10 minutes before vacuuming it up. 

We found that not only did the carpets get deodorized, but it made a better air quality. We have 3 kids and 3 pets. I was amazed by how much this helped. It has been added to our weekly cleaning.

H2O2 Powder (Homemade Oxi Clean)

2c Washing or Baking Soda (either seems to work the same)
1/4c Hydrogen Peroxide

This was so obvious I feel stupid for no realizing this sooner. When it was new I used Oxi clean for EVERYTHING. When the kids were young I needed it for the laundry, the walls the carpets and what ever else they touched. I can't believe I spent so much on that stuff when I can make a whole bucket for so little. I use it less these days so I just made enough for this recipe. I mixed it with a fork then shook it up in my coffee can. I store it in a old frosting container. So far I have only used it to was the dogs blankets. It worked as well as you would expect.

Things I plan of trying:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Multipurpose cleaner

Have you made your own cleaners before?

What have you made? How well has it worked? Is there anything you would want to try?

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  1. I use vinegar and water solution on most things. Other things I've heard of is various combinations of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, tonic water, blue Dawn dish soap, and vinegar. Every blog seems to have their own magic formula with some mixture of those ingredients.
    Here's one:
    And another:
    I've also made dryer sheets. Take a sponge, cut it into a couple pieces. I used the flat kind of sponge. Put them in a tightly sealed container with water and a couple table spoons of liquid fabric softener (I imagine your homemade kind would work well, but I just used store bought). Put the container next to your dryer and when you throw in a load, shake your container and throw one of the sponges in too. It makes the fabric softener last practically forever.