Saturday, April 26, 2014

Raw Vinegar!

OMG this makes the best salad dressing EVER

I made this vinegar the way I have the others, but rather than using fruits I used left over vegetables.

It took longer to brew because there is less sugars, but the end result has been worth it! This is so good I learned to make salad dressing! I find drinking an ounce a day has helped settle my stomach and aids digestion.

I hear so much how vinegar is a cure all and I don't know the amount of truth to that, but I do know that I like how it makes me feel. It aids digestion and gives me more energy! 

Today my son said, "Everyone should know how to make their own vinegar." He is so right! He helps me when I make mine, and even has his own little experiment going. His is white wine vinegar, but personally I prefer the flavored ones.

Today, I filtered and bottled 64ozs of homemade vinegar! I hope it lasts until the next batch is done! Using the left over vinegar and the newest mother of vinegar I started another veggie vinegar. I checked on the fruit one and I am not sure it is exactly ready. I am going to give it at least one more week. That one is mostly strawberries but there is other fruit and lemon mixed in!

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