Friday, March 7, 2014

Freebie Friday: 30 days of Amazon Prime for FREE!

I love free things! Who doesn't? I also like free trials! I hate committing to buying something, without knowing I will love it!
Get 30 Days Free Amazon Prime

Read about my experience with Prime:

Amazon Prime was something I always wanted to try, but it is $79 a year. That's a lot of money when you don't know you will use it. Every since I got my first kindle years ago I have tossed around the idea.

Around Christmas another blogger was giving away free trials, and I signed up right away! Let me say, I am so glad that I did. The shopping savings alone was worth it! I saved over $100 and that doesn't even count the free shipping!

Being a big reader, my kindle is a big part of my life. I decided to try out the Kindle lending library. I was not as happy with that aspect of prime. I found it hard to use, and somehow bought a book that I did not want. Thankfully Amazon makes it easy to fix that stuff, because I have done that a few times in my life. I have never liked trying to buy books through the Kindle browser, and tend to just buy it from the website. I know some people really enjoy the lending library, so don't write it off based on my dealings with it.

Since we went on vacation during our 30 day trial, we were not able to really play with the streaming video. I was disappointed, because when I asked around, everyone who used it, loved it. I have Netflix already and thought it was no big deal not being able to use the streaming. Turns out I was wrong. They have different things on there! My step-mom says the streaming alone pay for the yearly fee.

Well Lucky Us

We have been able to get another month free. Truthfully, we are using my boyfriend's account this time. He  set it up, and got our boy's birthday present half off. This time we really plan on trying out the streaming video. At the end of our trial, we plan to get the whole year. The savings from Christmas was more than a year would cost, and if the streaming is as good as people say, then I can't wait!

I love Amazon, and I buy a lot of things from their. It is always the first site I look at when I do my shopping. The free shipping from prime, and the big savings really makes a difference too. 

I want to share this gift with you!

I am now able to give you the gift of 30 days of free Amazon Prime! I used it, I love it! I think you will too!

Disclaimer:  I am an Amazon Affiliate. I am rewarded if you get your free trial. I do get rewarded if you shop through my links. The statements above are true, and I really do love Amazon Prime. I love being able to give you freebies too! I only offer things on my blog that I support in real life. I really did save the money stated above too.

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