Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Supplementing Public School With Homeschooling

Public school is important for many reasons, but not for the reasons most people think.

I live in Texas, so my kid's education is at great risk. At school, they get time away from the house, they meet peers, they learn to deal with deadlines and authority. They learn allot about functioning in society, but they are not really learning anything else. Well they are taught how to pass standardized test.

I have a deep respect for teachers and what they do. They have been many in my family. (okay at least 2 but they both influenced my life deeply.)

I have heard horrible things about how schools are underfunded and teachers are often not allowed to teach what they want to.

So please do not think that this post in anyway is meant to bash them. It is not the teacher's fault that the system is not what it should be.

So I have decided to supplement my children's education with homeschooling resources.

I do not want my children to depend on spell check, but to know phonics and grammar. I want them to understand civil rights and the struggle many have go through to try to improve the world. I want them to know their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Also they need to improve their math skills, so I will be looking into that too.

So starting tomorrow (I work late today), I will be hunting down homeschooling sites to see what I can find. This should not just fall onto the teacher, it is a parent's job too!

Do you have a favorite Homeschooling Site?

Let me know, I will be honest I am not sure where to start. I would prefer free, but if it is really good I would consider paid ones as well. 

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