Monday, February 24, 2014

Streamlining and updating everything!

Well I am so excited to be able to start really updating everything!

I finally got my own domain name!

I just got it last night, and it is not working yet. I am working on that.

This means I will have a new email address too!


Life changes means more time at home!

I have managed to readjust my life so that I am able to have more time at home! Money is an issue in our home like everyone else's. I have been working full time, and that has made it hard to have time for kids and business too. For obvious reasons I always pick the kids over the blog, but now I don't have too!

I set up a plan, and over the last week I have been able to set up my life where I can now work part time (less than 20 hours). This way I have more time to work on my blogging and my cottage food business!

This means I am not worn out when the kids get home, and I can spend more time with them!

As the Cottage foods takes off I may reevaluate my situation and work even less outside the home. 

The best part:

My kids get to help! 

My daughter loves to help me coupon. She sorts, cuts, and helps me compare deals. Because of school she does not get to go to the store with me, but she is always excited to see what I bring home. It turns out she is a pretty good sales person too! She has been bringing neighbor hood kids over to buy homemade snacks and telling the kids parents how to order themselves some too! I also set up a little bank for her, and have been teaching her cash handling skills. She has been making change and helping keep records!

My oldest son has wanted to be a chef his whole life, and with my cottage bakery he has been helping A LOT! He helps bake, test recipes, and thankfully he helps clean too! Not many teenage boys will turn off their favorite game to make scones, cinnamon rolls and bread!

My middle son is always fast to volunteer when things need done, and although he has not helped so much with the business, he has managed to help with household stuff! He has been doing all of his own, and his brother's laundry, making sure pets have water and food, and taking out the dog. This has been a big help! Like when I am covered in flour and we are kneading dough, and the dog chooses that moment to need to go outside. He is quick with the Googlefu when I need to look up recipe alterations and covered in...stuff.

So now:

I have a lot of work to do!

There will be some big changes on this blog! For one the whole Domain Name thing! Since I have more time, I will be able to blog more. I have so many things I have wanted to do, but just no time to commit to them. 

I want to do contests, giveaways, weekly recipes, book reviews and tutorials!

Last Night my son and I tested a new recipe!

Cinnamon Rolls!

Normally I chill the dough before forming it, but this recipe did not call for that. I wish I had though, because they look silly, but OMG they taste AMAZING I may tweak it some before I post it.

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