Monday, January 20, 2014

To many changes, not enough focus!

I am looking at my lists of the many things I have to do. I feel unorganized lately and my brain might be just too cluttered to get anything done today. I know I can not let this happen to me. To not write and blog today would be a sin.

Right now I feel like I am at the beginning of a massive change in my life. Okay let me rephrase that, I am at the beginning of some changes that I am pretty excited about. The problem is it seems like they are not moving forward fast enough.

I logically know that certain things must happen before I can move any farther, but that does not change how excited I am.

My family is moving this summer, and I am mostly excited about that. I know I can not make that happen any faster. The kids are in school and I do not have employment in the new town yet.

Part of my New Year Commitment to Writing is updating how I do my blogging, and will be buying a domain soon. Really the only thing stopping me from that is deciding what domain to get. That has turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. I am experimenting with hosting and blogging options as well. I can not move that any faster because I am still trying to see what fits my needs the best. I am at least able to work on that right now.

I am also working on expanding my social media, and I admit I am having a lot of fun with that. As a blogger I know it is important to stay current. So this means shifting things around sometimes.

A long time ago I wrote a book. This poor book has had such a rough life. It really only took me a few months to research and write. Then I did massive self editing, and even found a publisher before it was a year old. The editor of the publishing house when through the book and helped me improve it. This was a very small local publishing company and tragedy struck. They were a physical print publisher, who had not set up for digital printing. They ended up bankrupt. So I no longer had a publisher.

Then my computer crashed, and although I backed the book up in so many places I couldn't find a completed, edited copy of it. I fell into a deep depression that even involved a trip to the hospital. I then got some weird side effects from the medication and slept for close to two years (I think, it kinda runs together.) Life went on, I got better, started working again, and kinda just tried to not think about my lost book. I even considered rewriting it but the idea made me depressed.

A moment of brilliance hits me last week. Hey it happens sometimes!

Google, the all knowing, all saving, knows all...

Including emails from YEARS ago. I archive anything of even moderate importance because I tend to lose information...see above...

I wondered, did I save the original emails with the editor? Were those files still attached? OMG they totally were!!!! So after downloading my book, chapter by chapter I got to work rebuilding it. They were saved in an outdated word file, but I was able to get a viewer and cut and past. I am “fixing” it. My goal is to have it rewritten and formatted by the end of this month. After it is fixed I will be rewriting query letters, and hunt for an agent. If I do not have one by summer I am thinking about self publishing on Amazon.

I WILL be a published author by summer (or at least an agented one)!

I even  had a dream about my cover art! That was something that has been bothering me for years. I never even had a clue what I wanted on my cover until last week.

Unfortunately because my brain is all over the place I am having problems focusing on the little goals, to get to the big goals. I think it is time for me to work on some Mind Training!

My new goals:

So one of my goals for today is to work on this blog some today, so do not be surprised if things change around.

What are your goals for today?

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