Saturday, October 5, 2013

So I have been avoiding the news lately

There is no point pretending the news these days is any good. There is no point dwelling on it either.

Yesterday before work I was really upset by what I saw on the TV. This is why I do not have TV at home. People around me talking about the shut down, the shooting and something about a biker beating.

At home when things get tense and hard to handle, I tell them I quit. I quit the negativity. "Everybody Love Everybody," is the first rule in our house.

Sadly I can't do that when I am out in the world. Lord knows sometimes I just want to scream and yell. "Everybody love Everybody!!!'

So rather than making a spectacle of my self at work, I made this facebook post:
There is so much misinformation out there. So much anger, so much violence, and terror. Our government says it has a war on terrorism but they seem to be the worst ones. They say trust us, but they lie so much I can not tell what is true any more. I read what I can, and think for myself, but sometimes it is so conflicting that all I can think is that this must be some doublespeak. People joke that it is 1984, but it really is. I fear saying too much out loud, because there just maybe some Hall of Love out there somewhere.

People are literately dying in the streets under police rule... Whats next? We have always been called the new Rome, and just as Rome fell, so we do now...

This is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave that so many great people fought for. Regardless of race, religion, or political view: This country is broken. It can only be rebuilt on peace, love and compassion. I teach my children these values, but who knows what good it will do them as we are forced into indentured slavery...

Is it already to late to stop it? Who will save us now? Can we still stand together and save or selves, or is the house just too divided?

IF not for you, make a better world for your children and grandchildren... Hurry, there are no more places to run...

Please forgive the typos. I was upset and almost late for work. I was a little tired too.

Personally I do not care what side of the shut down you are on. I do not care your politically affiliations, or your religion, race or even gender. What I care about is that we are hurting as a nation. Really we are hurting as a world. All humans are hurting because of lack of love and compassion...

I was going to post about homemade vinegar today...I want to go back to bed. I can't so I will leave everyone with these words...


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