Sunday, October 13, 2013

Container Victory Garden

back to basics

I am starting a victory garden.

There is nothing more basic than growing your own food. Kids can get really into this too. When you do not have time to work on it, kids are often more than willing to help you out.


Because of where I live I am doing a container garden. People have been going to jail for planting gardens all across the country, and that is something I would like to avoid. My plan is to grow as much as I can in movable containers.

I have been testing some ideas and things for years, but never did any serious gardening. I am starting now. I have looked into fall season plants, but living in Texas and having the option of growing indoors opens up even more possibilities.

Thanks to Listia I am going to be getting some heirloom seeds. I have a few of my own put away too.

I am just getting started, but I will share with you what I have learned in a lifetime of experiments of growing food.

  • Seed depth is important! Read about any plant before you grow it.

  • Read to see if that plant does well in containers, not all plants do. Some plants thrive in them.

  • Make sure your plants get the right amount of light. Some plants need lots of light, but some like partial light.

  • Careful what plants are near each other. Some plants cross pollinate. Sometimes this is good, sometimes you get bland strawberries with sweet tomatoes (with strawberries in them).

What am I going to grow?

I want to start with important foods. Lettuces, Tomatoes, and Popcorn.

I want some squash and potatoes too. I am not sure how well squash does in a container though. I have to do some research. The potatoes do really well at least. I want to do some beans too, but I need to look into what type of containers I need.

Popcorn can grow in pots, but it makes it smaller, so I am doing colorful popcorn hidden in the flowers around my house. I have to find them but I have strawberry popcorn seeds hiding in my house.

Today I am starting some yellow popcorn seeds and potatoes germinating. If I can find them, the strawberry ones too. I have lettuce and tomatoes coming in the mail, and will get them started as soon as they come.

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