Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I finally have a Mother Of Vinegar

back to basics

What is more basic than making your own vinegar? I have not made vinegar yet, but I have made a mother. This is key to making good vinegar.

This was easier the second time around than I expected. Anyone can do this, and learn from my fail! Do not let your forming mother get hot. Do keep it warm in a dark place though.

The method I used to start it is a pretty common one, but it didn't work. After some reading I decided that I may have let it get too hot. I read it should be warm, but this is Texas and warm means something else here.


So this is what it looked like from start to finish. I was really disappointed.

Lots of people suggested using Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to make the mother. So for the second one I mixed 1 part apple cider Vinegar to 2 parts old white wine. I did not take a photo of this, for some unknown reason.

(PS: on the Bragg website I saw a thing about a free sample so I just signed up for that!)

I also stored this one in a different place. I found a warm, dark place that was different than the last. This was almost 3 weeks ago.

The other day, I glanced at it really fast, and was shocked to see a mother already starting to form! I am so excited!

This picture was taken this morning!!! The mother is still kind of thin. I want to wait to use it, so I can give it time to get thicker. Once thicker, I can peal a layer off to use for vinegar. I want to start with apple, but I was reading something about pineapple vinegar, and I think that would be an interesting flavor.

I have never eaten homemade vinegar, but I am told there is a world of difference. I noticed that the Bragg smells better than other vinegar I have bought. I am sure homemade will be even better.

Here is a better picture to give you an idea what is in my jar:

sept25 mother angle

I hope that in a week or so I can start some of my own apple cider vinegar! I found these really pretty apples at the store that I want to make a pie from. I am planning on using the scraps from that. I may include some pears or berry bits too!

Have you ever made vinegar?

If so, did you use a mother? What methods and flavors do you make?

Update Notes:

Please excuse the old watermarks. I am not going to retake these photos because they were dated, and I would like to keep that intact.

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