Monday, August 19, 2013

Homemade Butter


back to basics

Homemade Butter is one of my favorite treats! Spread some of this on some crackers and you have a happy Mamma Kitty (That's Me!)

This is by far the easiest thing in the world to make. If you have kids, it is even easier.

Pour heavy whipping cream into a container and add a pinch of salt. Be sure the lid is closed tightly. I like to use a clear container so that I can see how it is forming up.

Shake the heavy whipping cream. First it will become a solid creamy mass, this is not butter yet! Keep shaking. If your arms get tired, pass the jar off to a kid. After a while it will start to separate. This is good!

The solid part is butter! The liquid is real buttermilk. To me this taste nothing like buttermilk you buy. I hate the buttermilk in stores, but I have always loved fresh.

Once it is completely separated, you strain it. Save the butter milk for cooking with and enjoy your fresh butter!

Real butter is a creamy white color. It is not yellow like margarine. If does not have to be refrigerated either, but it does last longer when it is.

When does it expire?

Both the butter milk, and the butter should be dated with the same date as the heavy whipping cream. Really though it may last longer. When butter spoils it gets mold on it. If it is kept out on the counter, this is about a week. When kept cold it is much longer. I have never had any go bad when chilled, because we eat it so fast.

Feel Free to Experiment:

Butter is a great base for flavors. Not only is it amazing by itself, but when you add herbs and spices it can be amazing!

Garlic is an obvious idea, but do not limit yourself to that. In the Victorian era rose or lavender butter was very popular. I like mine extra salted, but you can add cinnamon and sugar if you prefer sweet.

Try a rosemary butter with your next baked potato! Get creative!

Another fun idea is shaped butter. I use candy molds. Smooth soft butter into a clean candy mold and freeze it. I like to make mine the night before. Use a smaller mold like flowers or sea shells, that will be about a tablespoon of butter. If the mold is too large you are stuck with a big portion of butter.

Have an interesting flavor idea?

Let me know! I always love trying new things! I wonder what we can come up ith?


  1. Thanks! I love butter and homemade? Well I am definitely going to try it :)

  2. it really is the easiest thing ever! I have been doing it since I was a kid!