Friday, July 19, 2013

Something fun with free patterns!

Been a little busy lately. I have been improving my knitting a lot too! I have worked out a pattern to use for lace but my hands have been too arthritic to make it, so I have been working the pattern out with regular yarn.


Since my hands hurt I have been working on a keyhole scarf I found on Ravelry. Beginner Keyhole Scarf. I am not that good at knitting yet, but I think this pattern will help me out!

Here is the quick and dirty pattern for this trim:

Cast On 4 K4

K2 yo K2 (5 st)


K2 yo K2tog yo k (6 St)


K2 yo K2tog yo K (7 st)

k3 yo k2tog yo K (8 st)

Cast off 4

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