Friday, July 26, 2013

Just an update

Okay so life is crazy... My grandmother may be dying, I am dealing with major depression, and due to computer errors I do not have internet at home right now. It could be up to a week before I can get everything straight on that front...

I am really annoyed but this is why I have not been updating. I was hoping to update tonight with a real post. If I have internet at home I will. Please excuses my neglect. I promise to get everything fixed as fast as I can.

PS this was not proof read...


  1. Don't worry!!! Sorry to hear about you

  2. Sorry my phone is acting up, sorry about your grandmother ... Hope everything turns out okay, hugs!! :-)

  3. It will be okay in time. I do not really know my grandmother, because her and mother have been estranged for a very long time. I am more worried about my mother. She says she is okay but I don't think she is.

    After yelling at mean people and getting my bank on 3 way with the internet company I do at least have internet again.