Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's on your Hook? Or Needles?

wed hook

I have been learning to knit. I am not good at it yet, but each time I improve. One of my first projects was a very ugly wash cloth made from some scrap yarn. I hate the thing! One day I grabbed it, because it was handy, to wipe the dust off my laptop.

It worked so well that it is now my dusting rag! But I still think it is ugly as all hell. Well I am so very happy with my new swiffer pads (That I made last Weds) I have decided to make a matching set of cleaning items! I am going to make 2 dust rags and 2 new swiffer pads and maybe some scrubbies. I need to find a good pattern for some cleaning scrubbies but I am sure it will be easy to find.

So today I am knitting some new dust rags! I am not good at knitting so it make take me a while to get them made.

Here is one day's worth of effort:

Do you want to learn to knit?

I promise it is way easier than it looks, and all you need is a little time to practice. I do it when I am watching TV or on the bus.

First thing you need is needles. There are a lot of different types. I am told the circular ones are best for beginners but I do not have those, so I don't know. I got mine for free from Listia.

If you are not a member already, you should join that site. It is an auction format site that you do not have to use real money with. I get a lot of patterns, recipes and yarn from here. This is also where I sell patterns and destash to get more points. It is free to join, and the only real money I put in is for shipping, but most things even have free shipping. I got 6 sets of knitting needles for no real cash!

So once you get you needles you need to know where to start. I recommend How to Knit Kitting Help. I am sure there are other great sites, but this one helped me. YouTube videos help me a lot too. I learned how to crochet just from watching YouTube.

So, What's on your hook?

Feel free to share your latest projects! Got any patterns to share? I like those too!

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